Andy Schumm

Phone: (217)898-3887

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  1. John Knurr says:

    But can you play “All of Me and “Saints”? LOL – What about listing New South Rampart St Paraders and DixieDoodlers on your list?

  2. Fred Nelson says:

    I have been enjoying the “music videos” on your website. If you are planning to be here in Traverse City again next summer, please figure out a way to get some on CD, so we can play them on the air. Hope to see you in the warmer weather.

  3. Robert says:

    Hello Andy,
    Will you be bringing any of your Rivermont 78′s to the Whitley bay Jazz Party. I am looking forward to hearing you again. Lat year was great.

  4. Hans Hultman-Boye says:

    Andy Schumm
    I too have benn enjoying your “music videos”. There are a bunch of Bix addicts in Sweden still, you know, like Franz Sjöström,Göran Eriksson, Jesse Lindgren and Kustbandet (they´ve been on the Prairie Home Companion twice by the way).
    Excellent band you´ve got. I only ask you to mail me when that band has made a CD, which the world demnads. Can you do that?
    Hans Hultman-Boye

  5. William Schumacher says:

    Saw a few YouTube videos – love your music. See also you are a U of I grad – what year? As I am from Champaign, the 217 area code in your contact info is VERY familiar. It’s a stretch, but do you ever run into a friend – also Champaign Native, U of I music grad, and Trumpet player – Jeff Helgeson? Probably a stretch. Where do you play currently? I have a 12-year old who is in his second year of trumpet playing, and who loves traditional jazz (due mostly to a long Spring Break vacation a few years ago). I’d love to have him see you play sometime. I’m in the Western suburbs of Chicago, so not too far from Milwaukee or Champaign!

    Thank you,

    William Schumacher

  6. Joel Carter says:

    We really enjoyed your music at the Green Mill film fund-raiser Tuesday night. Joel

  7. Gregory M. Dearth says:

    Hey Andy, I’ve got a couple of people who want to come hear you at the Barbeque joint on Sundays. (one is a son of a friend who plays trumpet, Ross Plunkett.) What is the name and address of the place? Hope you are doing well, Greg Dearth, Classic Jazz Stompers

  8. Jim Petersen says:

    Hi Andy,
    I remember well that night in Racine when you and Dave Bock played in the jam session and how my travel companions (Rich Johnson, Matt and Julie Craighead) and I enjoyed your playing. You’ve taken that great start and polished it to a fine degree and yours is now my favorite band.
    With Leah Bezin with your band, how great would it be if you were to do a version of “I’ll Be A Friend With Pleasure” including the verse. I think it would be a huge hit with Trad Jazz fans who consider this song one of their favorites. I know Gerri Bowers (BBMS Historian) and the late Rich Johnson considered it their favorite.
    Think about it, will you?
    Wishing the the best always,
    Jim Petersen

  9. Jim Zarnowiecki says:

    I was in Davenport last weekend. Missed seeing you.

    My interest is in playing the traditional jazz. Clarinet in Cincinnati. What are some food sources for 5-8 piece arrangements?


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