Drop The Needle

Please enjoy a few clips of my band based off the music of Bix Beiderbecke.  More to come!

5 Responses to Drop The Needle

  1. John Trudinger says:

    Hello Andy:
    I believe you will be coming to Australia where you will be playing with Michael McQuaid,
    I would like to purchase one or more CDs so thta I can feature your playing on “Jazz On A Saturday”, a weekly 90 minute program of Classic Jazz.
    Please supply details of what I can purchase, from where and at what price.
    John Trudinger

    • Andy Schumm says:

      I don’t have a cd proper, believe it or not. I can however send you some recordings made live. Is that ok?

  2. Steve St. Martin says:

    Just heard you and your gang in Hilliard. Count me as a fan! You’ve captured the Bixian spirit. The arrangement of the Joe Venuti recording (I forget the title but it was something about the South) was a highlight.

    Steve St. Martin

  3. Hello Andy
    Enjoyed listening to your video clips very much. The band sounds very good and compliments to you on your capturing of Bix’s style. I’ve earned my living playing piano, but in the past also played cornet in jazz bands around my home town of Glasgow, Scotland.
    Hope one day to make it over from my home in Italy for the Bixfest.
    best wishes, Callum

  4. patricia neff says:

    Hello Andy – I certainly enjoy and appreciate your fine music. I’ve been trying to find a cd but have not been successful. Is there anyway I may purchase your music for my collection?

    Great stuff – thanks for keeping Bix alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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