Back from New York

John Otto and I just got back from New York late Wednesday night. We had a great time seeing Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks at Sofia’s Club Cache Monday and Tuesday nights. Be sure to stop in if you’re in the area. It’s definitely worth the trip. Also, thanks to Jon Kellso for having me sub for him at the Ear Inn. We were joined by Dan Barrett on trombone, Dan Block pn clarinet, Scott Robinson on bass sax, Matt Munisteri on guitar, Vince Giordano on tenor guitar, and Ned Goold on alto. The EarRegulars are there every Sunday night, 8-11pm. Be sure to check it out. The drinks are good too.

We visited the Rutger’s Jazz Archive and checked out the vintage horns owned by famous jazz players. Many thanks to Dan Morgenstern for showing us around and giving us the access to the archive. We can’t wait to get out east again, and are already planning on another trip soon!

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  1. Rob Rothberg says:

    Thanks for an evening of exciting music at the Ear, Andy. I love your Bix tributes and recreations in Racine and Davenport, but it was fantastic to hear you close up, without microphones, playing some different tunes. I think the informal environment brought out a freewheeeling side of you I haven’t seen before. Please visit again soon!

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