Stomp Off, Let’s Go!

Hello!  I’m Andy Schumm. I’m a cornet player rooted in the jazz traditions of the 1920s.  Please feel free to peruse my website to learn more about who I am and what I do, such as where you can see me perform.  Also, be sure to participate in the 1920s jazz forum where musicians and fans of the music discuss topics ranging from 78rpm records to contemporary “vintage” musicians.

Stay tuned to the “News” link for frequent updates, or just stop by to say hello.

Yeah, man!

55 Responses to Stomp Off, Let’s Go!

  1. clint baker says:

    bix lives and joe oliver is still king…

  2. Andy Senior says:

    Excellent site! You’re now linked on my RADIOLA! blog.

  3. Jack Clark says:

    Nice website Andy…is that you in the pic on top… :) ….

  4. Tom Warner says:

    Hi Andy!
    This is great. Good to see all of the great info and photos.

  5. Sir Scratchy says:

    Congrats on the new website, old boy. Bang-up job, it is.

  6. Enrico Borsetti says:

    Great job pal!
    Believe it or not, I received your e-mail when I was going to upload on u-tube another video with you taken in Muscatine.

    • Andy Schumm says:

      Thanks for uploading it! It looks great. You’ll see that I’ve already added it to the “Drop the Needle” page.

  7. Rob Rothberg says:

    I wish you all the best, Andy. See you in New York on Sunday!

  8. Jennifer Keys says:

    I’m so excited that you finally got your own site! And it looks great!
    But there’s no picture of us :( haha (I guess having a picture I took counts!)

  9. Hello Andy
    Congratulations with your new site – it looks great!
    It was a pleasure hearing you in concert at the Whitley Bay International Jazz Festival in UK, summer 2010!

  10. Jim Loeffler says:

    ALWAYS like to hear those HOT BREAKS! – Bix Lives!
    Good luck – keep on keepin’ on, – Jim “DocJazz” Loeffler

  11. Bonjour Andy !
    I hope to hear you again somewhere in Europe.

  12. Mauro Porro says:

    Hi there friend!
    Great site! See ya soon !!!

  13. Andy, The Baltimore Symphony looks forward to your engagement here in February. From all the gents in the backrow and especially from Dickie Greenleaf and the Boomerang Boys, Congratulations!

  14. Welcome, Andy. I put you on my daily reads list!

  15. bixchick says:

    It’s about time! How about a CD now?

  16. Welcome, welcome, my man: I see that I’ve now added my name to an august company of people who know and love the music. And SUSIE (from THE ISLANDS) sends her love. Twice, of course!

  17. Katie Cavera says:

    Hi Andy – Great site!

  18. John Gerber says:

    Please add me to your list

  19. Leah says:

    Gee, you weren’t kidding! Looks very nice. You forgot to put drums and reeds on your list.

  20. Greg Kalkhoff says:

    Way to go buddy! It’s about time too! Looking forward to having fun with this. Let me know if there is anything I can help you out with. Nice too see some of the pictures I took of you posted as well. I can honestly say, ‘I knew you when you were just a rookie’. Look at you NOW! Between you and Vince, you guys have it all wrapped up! (:

  21. Lisa Ryan says:

    What a great looking site – I’m so glad you’re doing this (and I’m pleased to see you used one of the pix I took of you in Davenport) – congrats and all best wishes!

  22. Jamaica says:

    Glad to see you finally have a site! You’ve been needing one for some time! :-)

  23. Feel free to join, steal, or share, from my new group on Facebook too!

  24. Congratulation with this wonderfull site, Andy!
    I’m happy to see, that you have used some of my videos from the great concert
    in Putnam Museum, Davenport this summer.
    Looking forward to meeting you again soon.

  25. Elin Smith says:

    My husband, Ron, and I + our friend Honor were at Whitley Bay this July, and we saw, and recorded, almost everything you did. We are friends of Michael Steinman, and look forward to seeing, and hearing, you again in 2011. I personally recorded hours of video, and you’ll find me on You Tube. We were exceedingly impreseed by your playing and tone – hence we listened and recorded.

  26. Mel Thompson says:

    I first heard you at the Bix this summer – outstanding. Spent a memorable night with you, some musicians and fans spinning 78′s at the Clarion till the wee hours. Thanks for keeping this wonderful music alive and growing!

  27. Larry Alfery says:

    Great idea! Will catch you at the Bavarian if not sooner. Hope you & Dave are
    having fun with the John Phillips collection. Regards, Alf

  28. Rudi Lindner says:

    I appreciate your work and enjoy it greatly. It is a pleasure to go from one of the Gennett recordings to your own version, and to be referred from your band’s rendition of a composition back to an early piece of music I had not heard. In particular I have enjoyed your work on “Royal Garden Blues” and “Blue River.” Have you ever played an Andy Schumm version of the Beiderbecke solo on the Gennett Wolverines’ “Royal Garden Blues”?

    Thanks again for sharing your talent and dedication!

  29. Sally Fee says:

    You are always a draw, and we are the lucky ones to have a number of opportunities to hear you play. You pair well with the best. It is such fun to have you at Chautauqua in September as well as all the other venues along the way.

  30. Harry R. Condon says:

    Been so fortunate to hear your great horn work, and have been to a lot of the bands you play in, West End, Alan Gresiks Swing Orchestra, and now going to track you and the guys to some of the up and coming festivals. Sure is nice to hear our music moving forward under your great leadership and playing.

  31. joe dunn says:

    I attended your consert in columbus sunday march 27 today.
    Wow. I enjoyed talking to you about bix and the Whitman recording of “San”
    and the Bix influence.
    Hope to hear you and your fine group as soon as possible

    Joe Dunn

  32. Phil Gansz says:

    Bix lives! I hope you go on forever.

  33. Thanks for this great rendition of one of my favorites?

  34. Hal Whitmore says:

    Hi Andy,
    I just discovered your beautiful playing on “At The Jazz Band Ball”, with Dan Barrett and others at the Ear Inn (on YouTube), which led to the discovery of other fine examples of 20′s and 30′s music.
    I don’t know what us fans of the older Jazz styles would do without you and others like you. Keep up the excellent work!!

  35. James K. (Whip) Williams says:

    Hello Andy,

    Your reminiscences on the work of the iconic Bix Beiderbecke are a treat every time I punch one up. You have the top site among all those being offered today as far as I’m concerned. Stomp off, please keep it going!

    All the best to you and the gang,

  36. Jamaica says:

    Happy Birthday, maestro! Fill it with fun! (And we’ll see you next month!)

  37. Clive Smith says:

    Dear Bix – er, Andy!
    I have loved your YouTube recordings (by Flemming Thorbye) and have re-played them so much I think I am wearing out my computer. So, your web site is a great addition and I look forward to up-dates as you create them. Keep up the good work, mate!

  38. So Andy, how do I order your new 78 release and what’s the price?

  39. Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke says:

    It will be enchanting to hear you play live in Davenport!!! I am ready to be a great fan of your projects!! Thank you so much, it has been a pleasure to talk with you :-)
    See you in Iowa!!!!

  40. Bjorn Franzen says:

    We are 18 years old boys from Sweden in 1965,
    we love Bix like you.

  41. Ralph and Barb Grasso says:

    It was great seeing you again at the June Illiana concert. Can’t wait to catch up with you again at the Bix.

  42. Thank you to the internet and youtube made me know your talent! And thank you especially to you who go Bix immortal! …

  43. Congratulation for your site and above all for your cornet playing and your bands. You MUST publish a CD !…

  44. great looking site andy!! i’m looking forward to playing with the fat babies in january and hangin’ with you and dave. cheers, erik

  45. Hi Andy, Your website looks great…..sounds great….! Looking forward to hearing you in Racine at the Bix Tribute…. So glad you are living in Chicago and not out on the crazy coast! We need you and ‘your gang’!!! You are a godsend to the trad jazz world!
    Thank you!

  46. Hans Hultman-Boye says:

    The Jazz world is waiting for your first CD with that splendid band of yours.

  47. patricia neff says:

    Gratifying to see someone as young as you keeping Bix’s music alive. My husband has always admired Andy Seacrest’s “Bixian style”. However, we both agree that among who have tried, you are by far the best.

    Is there anyway to purchase some of your recordings either via CD or MP3 downloads? I enjoy listening to youtube but definitely would prefer adding you to my personal collection.

    Thank you!

  48. Stewart Beveridge says:

    Hi Andy, Playing great music. My mate Tom introduced me to you with the gig at ‘Hot Jazz at Bridget’s’. Loved it. Pity ‘Get out and get under the moon ‘ was cut short. Don’t suppose you cut a full track.
    Nice to see a group that is clean and tidy compared to rag tag looking bunch of weirdos that make the hit parade these days.
    Keep that good music coming.